Ecommerce Growth Hacks: How to Take Your Store to the Next Level


Sara Miteva
April 3, 2023
8 mins read
Ecommerce Growth Hacks

If you have an online store, It can be challenging to stay on top of the most recent trends and business-growth techniques as an owner of an online store. However, with the correct growth hacks, you may elevate your store and grow both your customer base and sales. 

In this article, we’re discussing growth hacks that will assist you in achieving your objectives and fostering long-term success, regardless of whether you're just starting or wanting to scale your current ecommerce firm. So let's dive in!

Create Urgency with Live Customer Metrics

Customers can feel pressured to buy by seeing real-time customer analytics on your website, such as the number of sales, the number of items left in stock, or a countdown for time-limited deals.

If they notice that a product is in high demand or that there aren't many of the items left in stock, they will feel the urgency to purchase this product. This will help you boost your ecommerce sales and revenues. 

Use SEO Titles that Solve Problems 

Creating SEO headlines that highlight the solutions your items offer will help you draw in more clients and boost your bottom line. Online shoppers frequently look for products to address a particular issue or need.

You may raise your website's search engine results and increase targeted traffic by developing SEO titles that address those issues or demands. This improves the likelihood that those visitors will become paying clients.

Boost Visitor Trust with Live Chat

Including live chat features on your website can give users immediate assistance and boost their faith in your company. Customers demand replies immediately when they have queries or issues.

You may give clients immediate assistance and answer their concerns in real time by providing live chat support. This can enhance their relationship with your brand and boost their confidence in your company.

Hook New Customers with Loss Leaders

Providing deeply discounted "loss leader" items can attract new clients and persuade them to buy more. A loss leader is a product that is offered for sale below its actual cost to draw customers and boost sales.

By providing loss leaders, you can draw new clients to your brand and encourage them to purchase more of your products or services. By doing this, you can boost your overall revenue and cultivate a community of loyal clients.

Convert Visitors into Customers with Social Posts

Leveraging social media posts to highlight your products can result in more sales from website visitors. Social media networks offer a tremendous tool for connecting with potential clients and graphically exhibiting your products. 

You can draw people to your website and persuade them to purchase by making interesting social media posts that showcase the characteristics and advantages of your items. By doing this, you will strengthen your online visibility and boost your e-commerce sales.

Daniel Wellington is one of the companies we often look up to when it comes to social media promotions. They always subtly promote their watches with beautiful images, but they never do aggressive sales. Here’s an example: 

danielwellington instagram profile

Answer FAQs on Category Pages

Customers can make more educated purchasing choices if you address frequently asked questions on your category pages. You may decrease the probability that customers will leave your website to look for answers somewhere else by anticipating and responding to their concerns.

This can improve users' interactions with your website, increase consumer engagement, and eventually boost sales.

Optimize Website Speed

Having a quick-loading website can enhance user experience and lower bounce rates. Customers who are frustrated by slow loading times may leave your site and possibly look for competitors.

You will improve visitor satisfaction and raise the possibility that visitors will stick around and make a purchase by speeding up your website.

Include Comparison Guides

​​By including comparison guides on your product pages, you can encourage sales by assisting customers in making educated purchases.

Comparison guides can give clients useful details about the characteristics and advantages of your items compared to those of your competitors. This might encourage website visitors to recognize the worth of your products and buy them with confidence.

Generate Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customers' reviews and testimonials might help your business gain more traction and attract new customers. Good comments and endorsements can act as social proof, giving potential buyers the confidence to commit to a purchase.

Also, gathering consumer feedback can help you figure out areas that require development and implement the required adjustments to serve your customers better.

Here’s an example of how Asos showcases customer reviews:

example of how Asos showcases customer reviews

Guide Customer Reviews

The likelihood of getting insightful feedback can be increased by suggesting particular themes for customer reviews. You can gather more thorough and useful feedback by instructing clients to concentrate on particular features of your products or services.

This will help you identify specific improvement areas and take targeted action.

Use Your Homepage as a Digital Dashboard

Improve the user experience by using your homepage to highlight significant information about your products, specials, and client testimonials.

You can guide clients through finding the information they need to make a purchase fast by presenting this information simply and succinctly. This will help you enhance customer interaction with your business and establish trust.

bliss homepage dashboard

Partner with Influencers for Advertiser Access

Brand recognition and revenues can be increased by working with influencers and gaining "advertiser access" to their Facebook page. Influencers can assist you in expanding your audience and promoting your products more genuinely and interestingly.

On the other hand, you can also influencers in producing more successful and targeted advertising by giving them access to your Facebook page as an advertiser.

Underpromise and Overdeliver

Establishing reasonable expectations for clients while constantly aiming to surpass them can boost engagement and satisfaction.

You will create a pleasant customer experience and establish trust with your customers by underpromising and overdelivering. Your online store will benefit from repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Turn Influencers into Affiliates

Influencer conversion to affiliate status can boost brand awareness and increase sales. You can track influencer referrals and entice them to recommend your products to their audience by giving them a special affiliate link or discount code.

By doing this, you can expand your consumer base, boost revenue, and cultivate connections with influential people in your market.

Drive Repeat Orders with Targeted Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty can be increased by designing tailored loyalty programs that reward repeat business based on consumer behavior.

You may entice clients to interact with your business more and make repeated purchases over time by rewarding them for particular behaviors, such as making multiple purchases or referring friends.

Reduce Input Fields on Forms

Having a simple checkout process is the key to a great user experience. Moreover, it will lead to increased conversion rates. 

Simply reduce the number of input fields a user needs to enter to purchase your product. This will help you decrease cart abandonment and boost completion rates by limiting the quantity of information clients are required to supply throughout the checkout process.

Here’s a simple checkout page example from Allbirds: 

simple checkout page example from Allbirds

Show the True Discount Value

Customers' trust can be increased by openly revealing your products' genuine discount value, which can also promote transparency.

Provide them with a complete understanding of the real savings they are getting to encourage them to trust your products and your business. Also, it helps set your company apart from the competition, which can employ deceptive or hazy discounting tactics.

Partner with Other Brands for Giveaway Loops

Promoting "giveaway loops" in collaboration with other brands helps broaden brand awareness and boost consumer interest. Giveaway loops feature several brands giving away items in return for likes, followers, and other forms of social media interaction.

You may broaden the appeal of your business and draw in new clients who might not have otherwise become aware of your items by taking part in these loops.


Your ecommerce store won’t grow on its own. You need to implement, test, and customize different tactics and strategies to find what works for your business and for your audience. 

By continually testing and refining the tactics we listed, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and build a loyal customer base. With the ever-evolving nature of ecommerce, it's important to stay informed of the latest growth hacking tactics and trends to remain competitive and successful.

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