Welcome to a New Era of Retail Sustainability and Environmental Concerns

Let's Work Together to Bring Diversity and Democratization to the Forefront of E-Commerce

Attention organizations focused on sustainability and climate initiatives in the supply chain, AI pricing methods, and retail sustainability while combating overproduction! Don't miss out on a game-changing opportunity to boost your business with 60 Seconds. Enjoy twelve months of free product usage on us. Ready to shine? 🌱 🌎

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60SecondsApp Vision

From the outset, we have prioritised fair and inclusive pricing at 60Seconds. Our dedication is centred on our clients and their purchasing power.

But now we're going one step further. Our mission is to directly solve market inequities and support disadvantaged firms that have historically suffered difficulties. Join us in making e-commerce more accessible and equitable for everyone. 🌎 🌱

Empower Your Home Retail Sustainability Business for a Year with the 60Seconds App, from one Sustainability Month to the next🌱! We are offering a limited-time opportunity for 100 eligible businesses to enjoy one year of free app usage. Apply now and get ready to shine! But hurry, spots are filling up fast, and applications close on July 1st or until capacity is met.🏠🌿

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Empowering Small Businesses for a Sustainable Future

At 60 Seconds, we believe in championing sustainability and climate-consciousness to create a more equitable and fair society.

We're committed to providing equal opportunities for success to people from all backgrounds, especially those dedicated to sustainability in the retail industry. It's always been a core part of our business to promote economic empowerment for those striving to combat environmental challenges. Join us in our mission to build a more sustainable, just, and inclusive world. 🌍 🌱

About 60seconds App

At 60 Seconds, we're dedicated to providing you with a powerful tool that can help you achieve your business goals.

Our innovative gamification approach allows customers to make an offer on the items they want to purchase, empowering them to select the price that works best for them. Plus, if a customer removes a product from their cart, 60Seconds will pop up with a personalized discount offer that's tailored to their needs.

And with our 60seconds purchase window for approved customers, you'll see results quickly. We're confident that our tool can help you achieve your business goals, but we're also humble enough to recognize that success ultimately comes down to your hard work and dedication.

Empower Customers and Boost Your Sales with Our Inclusive Gamification Tool🚀

To convert interested shoppers into paying customers, it's crucial to capture highly motivated buyers. With our innovative gamification approach, you can empower customers to make offers that work for them and negotiate a fair price. Start boosting your revenue today and try our tool!
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Control the Customer Experience

Decide which products are open to offers and what will be their discount range.
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Setup a Triggered Popup

Allow customers to make offers in a range of different ways: detect exit intent to show popup or show popup instantly when customers is on the product page.
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Easy, Automated Offers

Set predetermined discount rules to accept offers automatically – Respond fast to offers and enjoy the benefits of their interest. Offers can also be accepted manually, in a simple one-click process.
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Generate More Marketing Leads

In the process of making an offer, customers provide their email address – enabling you to connect with them with upcoming promotions.
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Choose product pictogram

1. Choose products and Set Discounts

Select specific products and your ideal discount range (ex. 10 - 30%)
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2. Automate Offers

Leverage automation to trigger discounts to hesitant customers in real time.
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3. Accept & Deny

If an offer is outside of your automatic acceptance range, you can accept or deny it from your Shopify store manually
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4. Convert More Customers

Your customer now has 60 Seconds to accept your offer and buy the product or they lose the discount opportunity!

Flexible Prices

At 60 Seconds, we've discovered that our flexible pricing model can have a tremendous impact on businesses. Here are just a few of the ways our app can help:

Expand your customer base by making your products more accessible to a wider range of consumers

Create urgency and motivate hesitant customers with personalized discounts, leading to more sales and fewer abandoned carts

Adapt quickly to changes in demand and market conditions using the insights and data provided by our app

Boost revenue and profitability, giving you the tools to compete more effectively with larger retailers and establish yourself as a leader in your market

Join us in revolutionizing the retail industry and unlocking new levels of success for your business.

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