Frequently Asked Questions

Install & Setup

How do I install 60 Seconds tool?

Of all the apps in the world, you’re ready to download ours. 😍 Here are some quick and easy instructions to reward your superb taste!

Find the 60 Seconds in the Shopify app store

1. Navigate to the product page you can select the page from the top list or navigate directly on your storefront preview.

*Note: If you open the Theme Editor from our app onboarding steps, you will be redirected to the Products page immediately.

2. Add the 60 Seconds block, on the left panel, click Add section. In the Apps category, choose 60 Seconds, then click Save.

How to prepare your store with 60 Seconds?

1. Go to Customize and from dropdown click create a template
2. Enter the name "60-Seconds" and choose Based on "Default Page"
3. Choose "60 Seconds Offer Page"
4. Go to Pages > Click Add a new page and name it: "60 Seconds" (it's important that the name is the same) and choose a template that you just created: "60-seconds".

Does 60 Seconds work with 3rd Party Fulfillment Apps that support auto-fulfillment after the order is created?

Yes! Learn more here from Shopify, and learn more here from 60 Seconds.

Can I test my live funnel?

Absolutely! We recommend using one of Shopify's recommended testing options outlined here.

Can I integrate 60 Seconds with other Shopify apps?

60 Seconds utilizes Shopify's checkout extension and does not directly integrate with other Shopify apps. As long as other apps are compatible with Shopify's purchase extension functionality, there should be no issue using in conjunction with our app.


Will customers be able to accept offers with one click?

Yes! Customers will not have to re-enter their payment or shipping info over again if they already made requests from your shop before.

Can I decide which products to list with 60 Seconds option?

Yes, definitely you are complete owner of your store and you decide which products to list with 60 Seconds pop-up option. Just click on apps, after that 60 Seconds app and you will be able to see all products from you collection so you can setup discount range.

Can I decide on the range of the discount?

Yes, same as products.

How customers will create offers?

Our powerful analytics will help us to detect hesitant customer that is not ready to make purchase for the full price, so we will in the right moment give them opportunity to bid for the price of the product.

How do I receive requests from the customers?

Via 60 Seconds Shopify app dashboard. You will be able to accept offers from customers both automatically and manually. And as well set everything before receiving requests. Just click on apps, after that 60 Seconds and you will see dashboard with products and requests.

What happens when I approve the offer?

When the brand accepts a request, the customer gets a notification or email with 60 Seconds clock to buy an item.

Can I reject request from the customers?

Yes, but our suggestion is to monitor closely our analytics, we will give our best to give you predictions about your stock so you can save requests and approve them later.

How many 60 Seconds offers can I show my customers?

As much as possible, you can keep your customers happy and convert as many hesitant customers as possible. Our goal is to help increase your order value by converting hesitant customers, however, we must always keep the customer in mind and make sure they have a delightful experience.

Can the customer skip the 60 Seconds offer funnel altogether?

Yes. The customer can bypass the post-purchase funnel at any time by clicking the option that he is not interested to bid for the product. The customer can also simply close
their browser after completing the initial checkout order.

If the customer attempts to accept an offer in a 60 seconds time but receives an error message, what happens?

There are a few reasons why a customer can get a transaction declined message when attempting to accept a 60 seconds offer. The two main reasons are that the payment processor declined the offer, or the bank did. Learn more about failed and incomplete payments here!

Can I track post-purchase offer revenue and/or conversions with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or other 3rd party analytics?

Still not, we are working on it.

What happens if one of my products is out of stock?

We take into account your product and variant setting to “continue selling when out of stock”. If this is not enabled and there is no inventory, the offer will not display to your shopper. If only certain offered variants are out of stock, the accept button on your offer will reflect that to avoid any confusion. As well please do manually approvement of the requests of each out of stock items when you have them again in place. Please note, if the product and variants are set to "continue selling when out of stock", offers will continue to display and shoppers will be able to purchase regardless of available inventory.


Does Post Purchase Offers have a free trial I can start with?

Yes! We offer a 14-day free trial that you can access through the Shopify app store. Get started with your 14-day trial now!

If I uninstall 60 Seconds app, will I lose all of the requests I've created?

We deactivate requests upon uninstall but do not reactivate them upon reinstall. You'll have to re-publish 60 seconds option upon reinstall. Free trial days are "paused" upon uninstall. For example, if you have 13 days left when you uninstall, you'll still have 13 trial days when you reinstall.

I want to test 60 Seconds before installing it on my live store. Is this possible?

Yes! Shopify development stores can now install 60 Seconds directly from the Shopify app store to set up and test at no cost.

Do I need a developer to set up 60 Seconds?

Absolutely not. You can easily do this yourself using our editor. Check out our video tutorial here! If you need any help we are at your service.

Can I use 60 Seconds on all of my Shopify stores?

Our app must be installed individually on each of your stores. Each install is a separate instance and does not share app data across Shopify stores.

What if I’m not satisfied with 60 Seconds?

This is why we have a 14-day trial! If you’re not satisfied with the app, simply uninstall it from your store before your trial ends and you won't be charged. You can also always reach out to us for support or to leave feedback at

Does 60 Seconds work on platforms other than Shopify?

Not currently.

Supported Payment Processors

Is 60 Seconds compatible with Shopify Payments?

Yes, Shopify Payments is fully supported! 60 Seconds offers will be displayed to all customers who use any direct third party credit card processor that’s supported by Shopify Checkout.