10 Apps to Optimize Your Shopify Store Conversion Rate


Sara Miteva
October 7, 2022
5 min read
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If you own a Shopify store, there's a good chance that you're constantly searching for methods to optimize your Shopify store conversion rate. After all, greater sales and income result from a better conversion rate.

However, increasing your conversion rate might be a difficult undertaking. Shopify offers store owners a selection of over 6,000 apps to boost their performance. 

Each of them claims to improve sales and help businesses grow, but not all of them work. Moreover, it’s very difficult to choose one that fits your particular business needs. 

Fortunately, there are several useful applications available that can simplify the process considerably. Here are the top ten.

60seconds: Gamification That Creates Urgency

60seconds uses gamification to optimize your Shopify store conversion rate. Namely, this app enables customers to make offers on your goods. They have 60 seconds to complete their transaction after you accept their offer.

How does this app optimize your Shopify store conversion rate? Here’s how the process works: 

1. You choose the products and set your ideal discount range

2. Set up the automation engine to trigger discounts every time a customer is hesitant

3. Accept or deny offers that are outside your discount range manually

4. Your customer gets 60 seconds to complete their purchase or they lose the discount opportunity

This way, you create urgency for website visitors and encourage them to complete purchases faster, which will significantly boost your ecommerce conversion rate. 

Shopney: Mobile App Builder

Shopney is one of the top-rated native Shopify mobile app makers. It offers a simple drag-and-drop editor so you can construct a mobile app in a matter of minutes without knowing any programming or graphic design. 

With Shopney, you can create a mobile app for your Shopify store that is at least as high-quality as your website and provide your consumers a great mobile experience.

Features like in-app live chat, abandoned card notifications, and multilingual customer support will help you increase your ecommerce conversion rate.

Automizely: Emails & SMS

Automizely is a no-code tool that includes page builders, drag-and-drop editors, and marketing toolkit that can help you grow your Shopify store. The app allows you to segment your audience, and send personalized SMSs, flows, or emails, based on customer preferences and their buying behavior. 

Automizely is very handy as it can replace multiple apps with a single dashboard.

SMSBump: SMS & Email

If for some reason you don’t like Automizely, try SMSBump. Pop-ups, floating buttons, email converters, keyword campaigns, and social opt-ins are all effective ways to increase your SMS subscriber list, offered by SMSBump. 

You can also send your custoers automatic SMS messages for things like recovering from abandoned carts, winning back customers, sending welcome messages, upselling products. SMSBump allows you to segment your audience, so all the messages you send can be personalized.

Additionally, it offers photos and GIFs for MMS promotions and get detailed in-app analytics for the content you send. 

LoyaltyLion: Rewards and Referrals 

By offering prizes to your customers for orders, sign-ups, memberships, birthdays, ratings, recommendations, likes, follows, and tags on social media, this software develops the customer loyalty programs of your Shopify store.

You can enhance return engagement and convert your consumers into ardent advocates with LoyaltyLion. The program attracts new clients by offering referral capabilities and reviewing referrer emails.

By awarding points for social following, likes, and shares, you may also increase your online visibility.

Judge.me: Product Reviews

Judge me gathers and presents customer product reviews together with images, videos, and Q&A. Customers have the option to review through via email immediately using this app. This facilitates their review process and enhances their likelihood of leaving a review on your Shopify store.

This way, you’ll automate the way you get social proof that you can use to convert more visitors to shoppers on your Shopify store. You also get automatic social sharing on Facebook and Twitter and coupons that incentivize reviews. 

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Up Promote allows you to quickly create an affiliate marketing program for your Shopify store with just a few clicks. You may quickly set up payment, tweak the signup form, and generate a preset commission. Additionally, you may expand your Shopify business by using the referral program to turn your consumers into affiliates.

Each affiliate gets their own portal to monitor the performance of their link. You can easily identify the affiliates that bring you the most conversions via detailed reports that contain clicks, orders, and sales.  

PageFly: Build Landing Pages

PageFly is a fantastic solution for optimizing your Shopify business and building beautifully designed pages. With full access to their huge element collection and page sections, you may create your own Shopify shop pages.

You may design a variety of pages, including blog, sales landing, product, upcoming, about us, and contact us pages. Additionally, they offer a tool that allows you to quickly your page into a PageFly page for free.

Instafeed: Shopping Instagram Feed

Another free app on Shopify called Instafeed allows you to display Instagram posts on your website in order to generate social proof. Adding Instagram photos of your products will aid in building brand recognition because Instagram is one of the most important marketing platforms. 

The app is compatible with all themes. Moreover, it’s fully customizable and you can change anything you want to. You can even choose whether you want posts to be shown in a grid or a slider layout. 

Shopcodes: Shopify QR Codes

Shopcodes enables customers to use their mobile phones and other devices to scan codes and purchase your products.

By including a QR code in your Shopify store, you may boost brand recognition and accelerate product sales. Your QR codes are more likely to be scanned if they are attractive and catchy.

To do this, you must incorporate Shopcodes into your product packaging and marketing collateral and use Shopify Analytics to monitor traffic and conversions.

Wrapping up

If you’re a Shopify store owner, your biggest goal is to get people to click Buy. 

To increase sales and income, it's imperative that you optimize the conversion rate of your Shopify store. This is easier said than done. And, it depends on many things. 

It also takes a lot of practice, testing, and playing around to find the formula that works best for your business.

But, there’s one formula that works for everyone: 60seconds. Use the power of gamification to create urgency and convert more customers. Skyrocket your conversion rates by making just one small change to your Shopify store. 

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