5 Ecommerce Copywriting Tips To Help You Sell More


5 Ecommerce Copywriting Tips To Help You Sell More
August 7, 2023
5 Ecommerce Copywriting Tips To Help You Sell More

However, this is easier said than done. Writing copy is an art in itself. At the same time, for some people, it can look like science fiction.

But don’t worry–we got you covered. In this article, we’re exploring how to write ecommerce copy that converts. We’ll go through some successful examples & share some tips to optimize your copy to sell more.

What is ecommerce copywriting?

Ecommerce copywriting is the art of influencing online consumers and motivating them to perform desired actions, including completing a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. It includes the thoughtful creation of written materials such as product descriptions, website copy, marketing emails, social media postings, and other communications directly affecting customers' decisions.

Good ecommerce copywriting strives to engage emotionally with the audience, establish trust, and emphasize the distinctive value propositions of the goods or services being given. It goes beyond merely describing things.

Convincing copy may make all the difference in the cutthroat online environment where clients have many options and little patience. It has the ability to draw in customers, set your brand out, and ultimately increase conversions. Ecommerce copywriting can be a potent weapon for increasing your online sales and establishing a loyal client base if it is done with the appropriate combination of creativity, persuasion, and strategic decision-making.

Benefits of good copywriting for ecommerce

Investing in ecommerce copy pays off. Here are some benefits:

  • Improved conversion rates: A well-written copy can greatly enhance conversion rates by convincing and influencing clients to make a purchase. It encourages site visitors to take action by using persuasive language, emphasizing the advantages of your products, and responding to their concerns.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engine-optimized content can help your website become more visible and rank higher in search results. You will attract organic traffic and increase the likelihood that potential consumers will find your products using relevant keywords, meta tags, and clever product descriptions.
  • Brand differentiation: Good ecommerce copywriting effectively communicates your brand's distinctive value proposition, identity, and story. You can stand out from the crowd and impact your target audience by creating a unique brand message.
  • More significant customer engagement and trust: Customer-focused copy that is engaging for readers forges bonds of trust with them. You can cultivate a feeling of understanding, empathy, and trustworthiness in your copy and influence customers to select your brand over competitors by recognizing their needs and pain spots and successfully addressing them in your copy.
  • Customer retention and loyalty: Effective copywriting is essential for keeping current customers and attracting new ones. It will help you develop client relations, promote repeat business, and cultivate enduring loyalty by continuously distributing relevant, educational, and exciting content via emails, blog posts, and social media.

Ecommerce copywriting tips & examples

Now, let’s move on to some concrete copywriting tips and examples from well-known ecommerce players to inspire you.

Add sensory words

Sensory words invoke the five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. They help readers see and relate to items more deeply. You can captivate visitors, bring life to your products, and ultimately increase the efficacy of your content by thoughtfully using sensory words into your ecommerce copy.

For example, a luxury cashmere sweater may be described as "silky-smooth on your skin" to help people picture what it would be like to own or have this sweater on. This sensory stimulation arouses desire and excitement, strengthening the product's allure and raising the possibility that someone will buy it.

Selling perfumes is the perfect use case for sensory words–you need to describe the smell and tell a story that convinces the customer without having to smell the perfume. Here’s a Jo Malone example:

sensory ecommerce copywriting example

Focus on the benefits instead of the features

Customers are not simply searching for a list of features when browsing your website or product listings; they also want to know how the product will improve their lives or solve their issues. You could successfully show your product's value to their life by outlining the benefits.

Focusing on advantages connects with consumers on a deeper level. It improves the likelihood that they will make a purchase, whether it is through time savings, improved convenience, increased productivity, or the provision of a distinctive experience.

In this Outdoor Voices example, the product description starts with the benefits:

benefit-driven ecommerce copywriting

Tell your why

Communicating the fundamental motives, beliefs, and purposes of your company and its products can establish a powerful emotional bond with your target market and increase brand loyalty.

When you share your "why," you are effectively telling the motivational tale behind your company. By using a narrative approach, you can humanize your brand and help buyers relate to it and remember it. You build more trust and authenticity by outlining the motivations behind your goods or services, such as a life experience, a goal to have impact or a love of innovation.

Topicals are doing a great job:

Use storytelling

Each product has a story. Tell yours.

You can express the remarkable journey and experiences associated with your brand and products through storytelling.

You provide your audience with with a realistic and genuine experience through anecdotes, personal observations, or customer success stories. This helps customers to identify more deeply with your brand by imagining themselves as a part of the narrative.

Firebox is a great gift shop. Their copy is even greater.

storytelling ecommerce copy example

Create urgency

When it comes to motivating consumer action and boosting conversions, adding a sense of urgency to your ecommerce content can make all the difference. Customers are encouraged to purchase immediately by instilling a sense of urgency or scarcity.

Customers have a greater sense of urgency and worry about losing out on a good chance when they see a limited-time offer, a countdown timer, or low stock availability. They feel a sense of urgency that drives them to make their purchase before the chance passes.

urgency ecommerce copywriting example


The ability to do creative ecommerce copywriting will help your online business rocket to new heights. You can improve your ability to connect with your target audience, emphasize the special value of your items, and ultimately increase sales by using the 5 ecommerce copywriting tips covered in this article.

Each suggestion offers a valuable perspective on creating convincing and captivating content that connects with readers, from taking a benefits-focused approach and using sensory language to revealing your "why" and adding storytelling approaches.

You can design a customer-centric experience that fosters repeat purchases, develops brand distinction, and addresses their requirements, wants, and pains.

Copy is the most powerful weapon in online selling. Ecommerce copywriting is a key skill you need to possess if you want to boost your online revenues.

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