Ecommerce Photography Essential: How To Do It In-house?


Sara Miteva
May 29, 2023
6 min read
Ecommerce Photography Essential

Photography is one of the most important aspects of ecommerce. High-quality photos are the key tool for presenting products and driving purchases in an online marketplace where shoppers cannot physically touch or check the products before purchasing.

Good product photography can dramatically increase a product's perceived worth by fostering potential customers' trust and confidence.

High-resolution photographs taken from several perspectives and emphasizing key elements could replace the in-store experience, increasing conversion rates and patron satisfaction whether the product is clothes, technology, or home décor.

In this article, we’re talking about ecommerce photography and how to do it in-house to make sure you have the best product photos. 

We’ll go through the steps of setting up your own photography engine and learn the key components of an efficient product photoshoot. 

Let’s dive in!

How to do ecommerce product photography

Set up your home studio

To achieve excellent results, designating a certain area of your house for product photography is the first thing to do. Choose a spot with good lighting and enough room for your tools and extras.

To remove obstacles and concentrate attention on the product itself, use a lightbox or a plain, neutral background. Make sure you have adequate space in your studio to walk about and try out various perspectives and compositions.

black video camera on white wooden chairs beside photo shooting umbrella

Source: Unsplash

Style your Ecom product shots

Effective styling of your items may greatly increase their attractiveness to potential customers. Create a scenario or arrangement that enhances the product's beauty while taking the target market and the intended use into account.

To produce a composition that is aesthetically appealing and harmonious, pay close attention to elements such as props, backdrops, and color palettes. Try out several configurations and layouts to determine which one best showcases your merchandise.

asos product page

Source: Asos 

Prepare the lighting like a PRO

A crisp, well-exposed image is what best shows your product. However, making one  requires very good lighting. The best lighting is natural light, so place your setup close to a big window or use diffused artificial lighting. Use softboxes, diffusers, or reflectors to lessen harsh shadows and reflections. 

To keep a consistent appearance throughout your ecommerce site, take note of your lighting setup and duplicate it for the next product photos.

Take photos from every angle

Take pictures of your items from differing viewpoints to give clients a complete picture of what they are. Take pictures from the front, rear, and sides, and highlight any distinctive or standout characteristics. To capture significant textures and details, zoom in. 

To ensure your images are stable and consistent, think about using a tripod. Customers may better grasp an item's look by viewing it from several perspectives, which boosts their confidence in making a purchase.

Daniel Wellington product photography

Source: Daniel Wellington

Edit your ecommerce photos

Make sure to post-process your photos to keep them consistent and improve their quality. The best way to change the exposure, contrast, and sharpness of a photo is to purchase an editing software. 

To produce a neat and professional appearance, eliminate any imperfections, clutter, or distractions. In order to strengthen the visual identity of your company, keep your editing style the same across all of your product photographs.

Hardgraft ecommerce photography

Source: Hardgraft

Prepare your image files for uploading to Shopify

Ensure your photographs are prepared and optimized for online display before uploading them to Shopify. To guarantee quick loading times, resize your photographs to the required width, height, and file size.

Increase the website's speed by compressing the files without sacrificing image quality. To increase your picture's exposure in search results, rename them using descriptive, SEO-friendly titles.

E-commerce Product Photo Shooting

Source: Beardbrand

The 5 Components of an Efficient E-commerce Product Photo Shooting

Now, let’s look at the 5 steps to take to get the most out of your product photoshoot.


Establishing a reliable organizing system is crucial before beginning the actual picture session. Making a shot list, classifying and identifying merchandise, and collecting any necessary props or style components are all included in this phase. By setting up your items and equipment in advance, you can save time and ensure a productive shot.


The secret to a good product shooting session is careful planning. This entails picking the proper camera, lenses, and lighting configuration. Make sure your shooting space is tidy and devoid of clutter and that you have any backgrounds or surfaces that are required. Moreover, collect any design components or props that may improve your items' visual charm.

Test shooting

Take test photos to perfect your camera settings, lighting, and styling before beginning the major shoot. This will help you spot and fix any potential problems, such brightness, composition, or reflections. Use it to experiment with various angles and compositions to determine which views are the most attractive and captivating for your merchandise.


Pay close attention to the composition, setting, and product placement during the actual shoot. Take many pictures from different perspectives, emphasizing key elements and aspects. To produce a unified and eye-catching set of photographs, keep your product range consistent in terms of lighting and design.

Post-production processing

When the session ends, it's time to edit and improve your photos in post-production. This includes altering the images to change the exposure, color balance, and sharpness, and eliminate any flaws. To prepare your photographs for upload to your e-commerce platform and to optimize them for online display, use photo editing software.


Great photos are essential for an ecommerce brand to create a recognizable visual identity.  Customers are more likely to trust and be loyal to a business with a consistent brand presence and attractive product images.

Invest in your product photography since it is a strong tool that will have a big influence on the success of your online business.

You can master the skill of ecommerce product photography and provide your consumers a visually appealing and engaging online shopping experience with commitment, practice, and attention to detail.

Get your camera, set up your home studio, and begin taking eye-catching product photographs to set apart your online business from the competition.

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