Shopify Order Confirmation Page Best Practices


Sara Miteva
April 11, 2023
6 min read
Best Practices for a Shopify Order Confirmation Page

The Shopify order confirmation page is one of the key elements to providing a delightful customer experience. 

This page contains: 

  • Order number
  • Delivery date/time
  • Items the order contains 
  • Other important information related to the order

It is crucial to give clients an order confirmation page that verifies their purchase and shipping information as they make purchases from your Shopify store. This page is essential for increasing customer happiness and brand confidence. 

This page sums up all the important information about the order and informs clients that they can anticipate their order. 

Also, the Shopify order confirmation page is a great place to promote products, invite customers to leave comments, and highlight your brand's core principles. 

In this article, we look at best practices for developing an outstanding order confirmation page that will satisfy your clients and preserve the goodwill of your business.

Elements of an effective Shopify order confirmation page

Now, let’s see the elements you need to include to get the most out of your Shopify order confirmation page.

Order summary 

Customers should get a simple and clear description of the products they’ve purchased, the product price, the shipping costs, and any other additional expenses. 

The order summary should be correct and should fulfill the customer’s expectations. If there are any problems with the order, customers should be able to spot them immediately and send a complaint. 

Expected delivery date

The expected delivery date helps the customer prepare to receive the order. They can plan to be at the address at the time of the order's arrival if the order is time-sensitive. 

It's crucial to remember that the delivery date should be reasonable and based on the available shipping alternatives. Customers can follow the status of their orders and get updates on their progress if tracking information is made available.

Contact information

Customers can fix any problems that could emerge with their order by using the contact details provided for customer service or a help center. 

The confirmation page should make this information clear to see and accessible. Giving clients the option to use a live chat or chatbot can also help them get the assistance they require quickly and effectively.

Social sharing

Encourage customers to share their purchase on social media to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Customers' social media sharing of their purchases can boost brand exposure and loyalty. Customers promoting their purchase with their network can be made simple by including social sharing icons on the confirmation page. 

To encourage them to share the products, you can use incentives like a discount on their purchase made or the chance to win a reward.

Upsell opportunities

Even though the customer has finished the purchase, the experience doesn’t have to end here. You still have the opportunity to turn them into a returning customer and increase your average order value or lifetime value. 

To do this, you can use the confirmation page to show product recommendations about products that complement to the ones they already purchased. 

Also, you could also provide discounts or free shipping to customers who buy the suggested products as incentives.

Thank you message

This is the section where you show the customer how much you appreciate the fact that they chose to buy from you. 

Adding a coupon code or other incentive for the customer's upcoming purchase can promote loyalty and motivate them to come back.  

In order to get customers to purchase again, it's a good idea to include a call-to-action (CTA), such as a button that says "Shop now" or "Explore our new collection".

Design best practices for a Shopify order confirmation page

An attractive order confirmation page can boost customer happiness, strengthen company identity, and even encourage repeat orders.

After listing the elements needed for an effective Shopify order confirmation page, let’s see how to design it properly. 

Simple and clean design

An effective order confirmation page must have a straightforward, uncluttered design. This entails keeping the order data and confirmation message as clear and uncluttered as possible. A straightforward, minimalist design can:

  • Highlight the right information the buyer should focus on, without any distractions
  • Information should be easy to find and the page should be easy to navigate
  • Make sure the page is consistent with your brand identity and the other steps of the buying process

To make sure your page’s design is clean, consider this: 

  • Divide the page into clear sections 
  • The font should be simple and colors should be consistent to your brand palette
  • Images in the order summary should clearly represent the purchased items

Brand consistency

We already touched this a bit in the previous point, but let’s see why brand consistency is so important and what it actually means.

To make your brand consistent across all pages, make sure to use a unified type of colors, fonts, and images. This will make your brand recognizable and create a memorable experience. 

Also, don’t forget to add your logo to every page and the order confirmation. 

By following these tips, you’ll get: 

  • Increased customer trust and customers that are more likely to return to your store
  • A consistent layout throughout the entire customer journey
  • A store that’s differentiated and uniquely positioned among competitors

Mobile optimization

Your entire Shopify store should be optimized for mobile, including the order confirmation page. This means that your order confirmation page should be easy to access and navigate from a mobile device. 

This will provide a satisfying user experience for visitors who have purchased from their mobile phones. Moreover, it will boost your store’s SEO ranking as Google now gives preference to mobile-friendly websites. 

To optimize your order confirmation page for mobile, consider: 

  • Making the page adjustable to multiple screen widths
  • Limiting the usage of large image and video files to reduce loading time
  • Choosing a readable font size for smaller screens


Personalization makes customer feel special. This means that you should adjust the order confirmation message to the customer using their information and what they purchased. 

Use their name when thanking them and include the products they purchased in the message. Showing product recommendations according to their preferences and buying history is also one way of personalizing the order confirmation page.

Personalization can help you: 

  • Make the customer loyal as they increase the connection to your business
  • Increase customer satisfaction from your product or service
  • Help differentiate your store from other competitors and boost brand reputation


Your Shopify order confirmation page is one of the key elements to a memorable customer experience that turns visitors into loyal customers. 

To create an effective order confirmation page, don’t forget to include: 

  • An order summary
  • Expected delivery date
  • Contact information
  • Social sharing options
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Thank you message

When designing the order confirmation page, consider the following principles: 

  • Use a simple and clean layout
  • Stay consistent to your brand
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Personalize the message

By following these tips, you’ll create an effective order confirmation page that boosts loyalty and promotes a delightful customer experience. 

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