What Is Retention Marketing & How To Start With Our 5 Proven Tactics


Sara Miteva
June 6, 2023
6 mins read
Retention Marketing

Struggling to keep your existing customers? 

You’re not the only one. This is one of the most common problems online retailers have today. 

In order to promote repeat business and enduring loyalty, retention marketing focuses on fostering and interacting with your current client base.

This article will examine the fundamentals of retention marketing and present a number of tried-and-true strategies to help you get started. 

You can improve your customer interactions, increase brand advocacy, and enable sustainable growth for your company by putting these tactics into practice. 

So let's get started and learn how retention marketing can change your business.

What Is Retention Marketing?

Retention marketing represents the methods and techniques used by companies to build and maintain existing client relationships, with the main objective of promoting repeat business and creating long-term loyalty.

Retention marketing is concerned with keeping and increasing the value of present consumers, as opposed to acquisition-focused marketing initiatives, which seek to draw in new customers.

Retention marketing acknowledges the enormous significance of client retention in the intensely competitive market, where obtaining new consumers may be expensive and difficult.

Businesses could develop a devoted client base by concentrating on developing solid connections, giving amazing experiences, and offering continual value. These customers will not only bring in repeat business but also act as brand ambassadors, generating referrals and good word-of-mouth.

Understanding client wants and preferences, personalizing messages and offers, putting in place efficient loyalty programs, and consistently engaging consumers are all key components of good retention marketing.

This encourages brand loyalty and customer pleasure. It is a strategic method that acknowledges the long-term advantages of looking after current clients and maximizing their worth for long-term company expansion.

What Are the Benefits of Retention Marketing In Ecommerce?

The success of ecommerce businesses is heavily dependent on retention marketing, which has a number of advantages that may boost their bottom line.

Here are some major benefits of employing retention marketing techniques for your ecommerce store: 

Increased Client Loyalty

The main goals of retention marketing are to foster client loyalty, promote repeat business, and increase the lifetime value of each customer to your company. You can prolong client engagement and boost total expenditure by cultivating these existing relationships. 

A greater CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the direct benefit of loyal consumers making bigger and more frequent purchases. Also, delighted clients are more likely to recommend you to others, therefore growing your user base and earning possibilities.

Keeping Existing Customers Is More Cost-Effective

Due to the expenses connected with marketing, advertising, and lead creation, acquiring new clients can be costly. In contrast, it usually costs less to keep existing consumers. 

You can sustain customer engagement and promote repeat business by employing retention marketing methods, such as personalized messages, loyalty programs, and special offers, at a lesser cost then recruiting new clients. Your ecommerce business will benefit more as a result of this cost-effectiveness.

Improved Customer Experience 

You can tailor your messages, offers, and suggestions based on the unique interests and behaviour of each consumer using retention marketing.

You can also provide relevant and targeted messaging, specialized product suggestions, and customized promotions by employing consumer data and insights. 

Customers that experience this degree of customization feel appreciated and understood, improving the entire customer experience. Customers are more likely to stay loyal to your online store if they feel valued and happy, which encourages repeat business.

5 Retention Marketing Strategies 

Now, let’s see some proven retention marketing strategies for your ecommerce store. 

Personalized Email Campaigns

Segment your email list using customer information to send targeted content, product suggestions, and limited-time deals. Based on previous purchases, browsing patterns, or client preferences, send personalized emails with relevant information.

Customers are more likely to interact with and remember your emails when they are personalized, which increases retention and encourages repeat business.

Loyalty Programs

Create a loyalty program to honor customers for their ongoing support and purchases. Provide rewards for devoted clients, such as points, savings, or special privileges.

In order to motivate clients to sign up and actively participate in the program, promote involvement and offer obvious rewards. In addition to encouraging client retention, loyalty programs also develop a sense of exclusivity and improve the entire consumer experience.


Reach out to consumers who have previously expressed interest in your items but have not made a purchase with retargeting advertisements.

To spark clients' interest once again and motivate them to revisit your ecommerce site, display advertisements on other websites or social media platforms.

Retargeting campaigns increase conversion rates and customer retention by keeping your brand top-of-mind and giving potential customers a slight push to finish the transaction.

Post-Purchase Activities

Post-purchase activities and engagement can be key to building customer loyalty and keeping customers for longer. When they complete a purchase, communicate with the consumer to express gratitude and promote more interactions.

Send personalized thank-you emails, ask about reviews or customer feedback, and offer further resources or suggestions in connection with their purchase.

This post-purchase interaction shows that you care about your customers' needs and strengthens your bond with them, increasing their loyalty and opening the door to upselling and cross-selling options.

High-Quality Customer Support

Outstanding customer service is essential for retention. Your dedication to customer satisfaction will demonstrate your timely response to consumer inquiries and excellent problem-solving.

Provide consumers a variety of ways to contact you, such as live chat, email, and phone support.

A strong connection built on trust and dependability may be created by going above and above and proactively connecting with consumers, such as by sending personalized follow-ups or purchase updates. This encourages long-term loyalty and advocacy.

What Questions You Need To Answer To Find Retention Opportunities For Your Brand

The following questions are crucial to ask yourself in order to find brand retention opportunities:

  • What is the current churn rate? This can help you uncover areas where you might lose clients and the possible causes of their churn.
  • What are the main causes of client churn? Is it because of the cost, a lack of interest, inadequate customer service, or an underwhelming product experience? This enables you to develop focused retention efforts and discover areas for improvement.
  • Which customer groups see the greatest rates of churn? You could design retention efforts to match their particular demands and pain areas by studying their distinctive traits and habits.
  • What percentage of customers are satisfied? Your ability to prioritize changes and create retention strategies that specifically target those pain spots depends on your understanding of the elements that influence customer happiness or discontent.
  • How engaged are our clients? Indicators of client engagement include purchase frequency, response to marketing initiatives, and degree of program involvement. You may create targeted campaigns and activities to re-engage less active consumers and deepen connections with the most engaged ones by identifying customers who are highly engaged vs. those who are less engaged.


Retention marketing is a vital aspect of any successful ecommerce strategy. By focusing on cultivating customer loyalty, businesses can maximize customer lifetime value, reduce costs, and foster a strong competitive advantage. 

Through personalized email campaigns, loyalty programs, retargeting efforts, post-purchase engagement, and exceptional customer support, brands can enhance the overall customer experience and drive repeat purchases.

To uncover retention opportunities, it is crucial to assess customer churn rates, identify reasons for customer attrition, understand customer segments, gauge customer satisfaction, measure engagement levels, and effectively leverage customer data. 

By answering these key questions and analyzing the insights gained, brands can tailor their retention strategies to address specific pain points and needs, ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships and fuelling long-term growth.

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