8 Must-Test Holiday Marketing Campaigns For Your Ecom Brand


Sara Miteva
June 15, 2023
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Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Holidays are a vital time for e-commerce businesses to boost sales and expand their customer base. You could generate interest in your business and draw potential clients who are eager to make holiday purchases if you have the correct marketing strategies in place.

We'll look at 8 holiday marketing tactics in this post that you may test for your online store. Throughout the holiday season, these strategies have been shown to be successful in increasing visitors, boosting conversions, and boosting total revenue.

8 Holiday Marketing Campaigns To Test For Your Ecom Store

Emotions Are Always In

Holidays are all about home and family. This is when your relationships with your loved ones get stronger Yet occasionally, we're so preoccupied with living that we forget about them.

German grocer Edeka addressed this in a heartfelt holiday marketing campaign. They even include the idea of a family meal in their campaign.

Strike a balance between advertising and emotion, like in this example of a Christmas commercial.

Bundles With Favorite Items

Depending on the holiday, bundling items is always a great idea to boost holiday spirits. This doesn’t have to be for Christmas only. For example, you can bundle items you know your female audience would buy for Women's Day or Mother's Day.

For the summer season, you could bundle the necessary beach items, or if you’re a fashion store, you could offer bundles of dresses and accessories.

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bundles holiday seasson campaigns

Flash Sales and Limited-Time Offers

To make your consumers feel the sense of urgency, use flash sales and limited-time deals. You can encourage customers to make quick purchases by providing limited-time discounts and special offers.

Think about holding flash deals on in-demand seasonal merchandise or developing a limited-time promotion for a certain product category.

To reach a larger audience and create enthusiasm around your shop, market these sales using email newsletters, social media, and targeted adverts.

60seconds can help you boost conversions with limited-time deals. How does it work?

  1. A customer visits a product page for a product they are considering buying.
  2. They hesitate before making a purchase.
  3. Suddenly, they can choose a 20% discount for this goods from a popup that appears.
  4. You accept the request.
  5. They then have 60 seconds to accept it and pay the lower price for the item.
holiday campaign example 60 seconds app

The 60-second countdown timer increases the sense of urgency and promotes action by limiting an offer's holding period.

Customers will be motivated to fill their carts with additional items as a result. It will also facilitate quicker decision-making for hesitant customers.

Gift Guides

We instinctively consider our loved ones' personalities and hobbies while purchasing gifts for them.

Because of this, structuring gift guides based on various personality types enables customers to instantly connect your items to the intended recipients in their imaginations.

Elf Cosmetics has some great examples of holiday gift guides from the past few seasons.

Their guides consider the role a person has in your life and their personality, like “your friend who likes to look glam even at the gym.”

They also release guides that include gifts by category or pricing.

Elf Cosmetics holiday campaign exampless

Social Media Giveaways

By holding competitions and giveaways over the holiday season, you could boost your social media following and ultimately increase the number of website visitors. Invite followers to participate by posting a picture with a festive theme, tagging friends in it, or using a particular hashtag.

To encourage involvement, provide enticing rewards, such as free merchandise or gift cards. Social media competitions help you reach a broader audience by increasing engagement and brand recognition and encouraging participants to share your content with their own networks.

social media giveaway examples

Influencer Collaborations

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly common, and holidays offer a great chance to work with influencers in your field.

Reach out to influencers for possible collaborations after identifying those whose follower ship overlaps your target market.

To get their fans to endorse your company, you might provide them with free merchandise or exclusive discounts.

Influencers can produce engaging content to display your products and draw customers to your online business, such as unpacking videos, gift suggestions, or product reviews.

Influencer Collaborations Holiday Campaigns

Holidays Are For Giving

Launch a giveback campaign to benefit from the holiday season's giving mood. Join up with a nonprofit or cause, then make a commitment to contribute a portion of your profits to help further its goals.

Advertise this campaign while emphasizing the positive impact that your consumers' purchases will have on the designated charity. This advertising effort will not only appeal to ethical consumers, but it will also enhance the brand's reputation.

Boost the Fun With an Advent Calendar

Make an interactive advent calendar and post it to your website or social media channels. Provide a unique promotion or surprise bargain every day leading up to the holiday that buyers may discover by clicking on the associated calendar date.

This campaign motivates your audience to visit your website or interact with your social media accounts on a regular basis in addition to building anticipation and excitement among them.


The holiday shopping season is a crucial time for e-commerce businesses to increase revenue and attract fresh customers.

Using the eight holiday marketing initiatives described above can help you build brand awareness, get more customers to your online store, and eventually improve sales.

Do not forget to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of each campaign to ascertain which is more effective for your target demographic. Your e-commerce shop may have a successful and lucrative holiday season with careful preparation and efficient implementation.

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