The Complete Guide to Using Shopify Bundle Apps for Increased Revenue


Sara Miteva
February 14, 2023
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Are you looking for a way to increase your online store's revenue

Shopify bundle apps can help you achieve this. Bundle apps let storeowners create special packages of products and services, allowing them to offer customers more value than they could get from buying each item separately. 

In this complete guide to using Shopify bundle apps, we will explain what bundle apps are, the different types available on Shopify, some of the best product bundle apps available, and the benefits of using bundle apps. 

With this information, you can make an informed decision on whether or not bundle apps are right for your store and how best to use them. 

What Are Shopify Bundle Apps?

Shopify bundle apps are an innovative way to help merchants maximize their profit and optimize their stores. These specialized apps enable merchants to create bundles of products that can be sold as one single item. 

This not only allows customers to save money when buying multiple items, but it also helps merchants increase their sales and reduce the cost of shipping multiple items. Furthermore, bundle apps make it easy for merchants to manage inventory and optimize product bundling. 

Types of Bundle Apps Available on Shopify

Numerous bundle apps are available from Shopify that can help boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. The following are a few of the most well-liked bundle app categories on Shopify:

  • Product Bundle Apps. These apps give business owners the ability to design unique product bundles with a variety of customization choices.
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Apps. With these apps, store owners can encourage customers to purchase additional products to the ones they already planned to purchase. 
  • Personalized Bundle Apps. With the help of these apps, business owners can design customized product bundles for their clients depending on those clients' interests and past purchases.
  • Bundle Deal Apps. Store owners can offer bundle discounts with these apps, with a variety of customizing possibilities.

When picking the ideal bundle app, it's crucial to thoroughly analyze the requirements of your store because each sort of bundle app has its own distinct features and capabilities.

Best Product Bundles Apps For Shopify 

Bold Bundles

Bold Bundles - product bundles app

With the use of a drag-and-drop builder, the Bold Bundles app enables store owners to create unique package discounts. You can specify the products that must be in the cart in order for the discount to be applied, the quantity of those products, and the amount of the discount.

Bundler - Product Bundles

Bundler - Product Bundles

Bundler is a Shopify app that enables you to provide discounts when the customer buys more products at once. ​​With the help of the Bundler app, you may make a variety of bundles, including traditional bundles, Mix & Match bundles, volume discounts, commonly purchased together items, quick bundle upsells, grocery discounts, discount popups, mix bundles, tiered discounts, custom bundles, and more.

Bundle Builder

Bundle Builder Shopify App

Bundle Builder is a Shopify bundle app that allows you to create custom bundle pages that will motivate your customers to spend more. Onboarding is easy and quick, with a 1-on-1 support call from the app. It allows you to integrate multiple channels and coordinate discount across all of them. You can also set pre-made bundles, pick & mix, shop the look, and other types of bundles. 

Easy Bundles - Bundle Builder

Easy Bundles - Bundle Builder

Easy Bundles allows your customers to build their own bundles according to their preferences. The bundle look is completely customizable, and you can create discounted, fixed-price, and subscription bundles. Your bundles can have multiple steps and different products and layouts. 

Fast Checkout Upsell Bundle 

Fast Checkout Upsell Bundle 

Fast Checkout is a Shopify bundle app based on AI, that uses upselling and auto-discounts to increase the sales rates of your store. You can add quick “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons to engage shoppers and reduce bounces and create holistic experiences with one-click upsell and post-purchase selling offers. It also offers some tools for cart abandonment marketing.

Bundle Bear - Volume Discounts

Bundle Bear - Volume Discounts

Bundle Bear is an easy-to-use app that helps you create product bundles and group discounts. It enables you to create tiered pricing, which will increase your average order value and keep your consumers engaged.

To encourage customers to buy, you can pre-select alternatives or highlight them.  The app's design can be fully changed to incorporate any brand's colors and typography.

Fast Bundle: Product Bundles

Fast Bundle: Product Bundles

Fast Bundle is another product bundle builder for product pages. You can fully customize the bundle design, create one page for all bundles, build multiple and single product bundles, or create separate landing pages for different bundles. Among other features, it supports all currencies and languages and offers live chat for support. 

Wide Bundles - Quantity Breaks

Wide Bundles - Quantity Breaks

Wide Bundles has an offer that appears above the “Add to Cart” button and offers multiple products to purchase with the one from the product page. Customers can shoes between various offers, like “buy 1 and get 2nd at -50%,” or add 2 different types of the same product. The app offers many features, like adding customized text, thumbnails, upsells, etc. 

Benefits of Using Shopify Bundle Apps

There are many benefits of using Shopify bundle apps, and here are some of them. 

Increased Sales and Average Order Value

Using customized bundles that entice buyers to buy several related items at once, store owners can enhance sales using Shopify bundle apps. As a result, the average order value rises, bringing in more money for the retailer.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Shopify store owners can offer their consumers a better deal than buying each item separately by offering bundle discounts. As they receive greater value for their money and are more inclined to purchase further products from you, this raises customer satisfaction.

Easy to Use and Set Up 

Because Shopify bundle applications are simple to use and set up, store owners can quickly develop bundles that may be customized for the requirements of their target customers. Businesses may easily develop one-of-a-kind bundle deals that will increase sales with a few clicks.

Customizable to Match Your Store's Theme and Branding 

Businesses can simply alter the look and feel of their bundles to match the theme and branding of their store using the custom design choices that come with Shopify bundle apps. Customers will enjoy the unified shopping experience that is produced as a result.

Ability to Offer Limited Time Bundle Deals 

Limited-time bundle deals are another choice that businesses have, and they can be a powerful tool for increasing sales. Offering seasonal or promotional packages enables retailers to draw in more customers while fostering customer loyalty with special deals.


Shopify bundle apps are a great way to increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction simultaneously. The type of bundles or apps you choose will depend on your business needs and your product type. Whatever you choose, setting up a Shopify bundle app is extremely easy, and it brings numerous benefits to your online store. Happy bundling!

Shopify Bundle Apps FAQs

How do Shopify product bundle apps work?

Shopify's product bundle apps work by enabling store owners to make unique product bundles that can be offered as a set at a discounted price. The app will usually offer various customization options, such as the power to present different product options as a package, upsells and cross-sells, and dynamic pricing dependent on the number of items in a bundle. Customers can see and buy bundles just like any other separate item in a store.

How can I install and set up a Shopify product bundle app?

You can easily install and set up a Shopify bundle app through the Shopify App Store. To install an app on your store, just search for the one you wish to use and click "Add app." You can access the app's settings and configuration options from the Shopify admin once it has been installed. From there, you can make your first product bundles and adjust the app's settings to match the aesthetic of your business.

How do I track the performance of my product bundles with a Shopify product bundle app?

The majority of Shopify product bundle applications provide built-in reporting and analytics features so you can monitor the effectiveness of your product bundles. These reports will normally provide you with details on bundle sales, bundle income overall, and the average order value of consumers that bought bundles. You can use this data to influence your decisions about which bundles are doing well and which might benefit from adjustments.

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