The Ultimate Guide to One Page Checkout on Shopify


Sara Miteva
March 6, 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to One Page Checkout on Shopify

Are you driving traffic to your online store, but still have a small number of sales? Wondering what you are doing wrong? Don't worry, we got your back!

You may have the perfect products, store design, and everything. But, if you give your customers a complex checkout process, you might ruin the whole thing at the last minute.

In fact, did you know that 70% of customers leave without buying because of the bad checkout experience?

For that purpose, a one page checkout may save the day! Thus, this type of Shopify checkout process enables customers to enter information in whichever order they want on a single page. If users fail to enter data in any of the boxes, an error notice will remind them to do so.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of enabling the One Page Checkout on Shopify, and all the useful one-page checkout apps and tools. Let's start!

Benefits of One Page Checkout on Shopify

Improved conversion rates

Remember, this is the time when customers give you their money, so they are looking for reliability. So, a daunting checkout process won't do any good to you.

Just think like a customer for a second - what would you do if a particular store made you go from one page to another in order to make a purchase? What a great and trustworthy service! Yeah, we don't think so.

With One Page Checkout, customers can easily complete the purchase process without navigating through multiple pages. This reduces the likelihood of customers abandoning their shopping carts, resulting in increased conversion rates.

Increased customer satisfaction

One Page Checkout provides customers with a streamlined and straightforward Shopify checkout process that saves time and effort. They can buy your products quickly and without any hassle.

Also, it reduces the chance of customers getting frustrated and leaving their shopping carts without buying anything. Of course, this increases customer satisfaction.

Reduced cart abandonment

single page checkout Shopify eliminates customers' need to navigate multiple pages during the checkout process, making it easier for them to complete the purchase.

This, in turn, reduces cart abandonment rates and increases the chances of customers completing their purchases.

Streamlined checkout process

Lastly, single page checkout Shopify simplifies the checkout process for customers, making it easier to finish buying what they want. This is important because people want to finish their shopping quickly and easily.

In fact, removing unnecessary steps or form fields, providing clear instructions and feedback, and helping you simplify the Shopify checkout process.

How to Enable One Page Checkout on Shopify

shopify one page checkout

Now, enabling the one page checkout on Shopify is very easy. In reality, it takes only a few simple steps.

By default, Shopify has a checkout flow that consists of four separate pages: cart, customer information, shipping information, and payment. However, Shopify Plus provides store owners with the ability to customize their checkout experience. To create a one page checkout on Shopify Plus, you can follow these steps:

  • First, log in to your Shopify Plus store admin dashboard.
  • Navigate to the "Online Store" section and click on "Themes."
  • Select "Edit HTML/CSS" and then click on "Add a new layout."
  • In the dropdown box, choose "Checkout" instead of "Theme."
  • Edit the code as needed to customize your checkout page.

By following these steps, you can create a one page checkout that allows customers to complete their purchase on a single page, without the need for multiple pages or steps.

But, keep in mind that Shopify Plus is a pricey Shopify option, which costs $2000/month.

Thankfully, there are various Shopify checkout plugins and apps which can make Shopify one page checkout happen, at a lower cost. Stay tuned, we got you!

Shopify One Page Checkout Plugins and Apps

Next, we will list you the best one page checkout Shopify apps and plugins. Let's start!

1. Shopify One Page Checkout By Magebird

shopify one plage checkout app

Shopify One Page Checkout by Magebird is a checkout solution that simplifies the checkout process for customers by condensing the multiple-step checkout process into a Shopify one-step checkout.

This one page checkout app costs only $14/month, and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What's more, they support a wide range of Shopify payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and, providing customers with flexibility and convenience.

Shopify one page checkout Key features:

  • Order Reservation Countdown Timer.
  • Sidebar Promo Messages.
  • Reduce the Number of Fields to Make the Form Simpler.
  • Trust Badges Image Below Checkout Button.
  • Upsells.

One of the main benefits of the Shopify one page checkout app is that it sends automated emails to customers who have abandoned their carts, encouraging them to complete their purchase and improving conversion rates.

Moreover, you can customize the checkout page to match the store's branding and style. More importantly, with the option to recover abandoned carts through automated emails, you can reduce the number of lost sales.

However, it seems that this app is still in the beta testing phase, and is only accepting stores with an average of fewer than 50 orders per day. Therefore, it may not be the most suitable option for well-established or fast-growing stores.

2. Bold Checkout

bold checkout

Bold Checkout is a one page checkout app that integrates with Shopify to improve the checkout process for customers, resulting in a more pleasant shopping experience. This app enables customers to complete their purchases in a faster and more straightforward manner.

Furthermore, Bold Checkout allows Shopify checkout customization, including layout, color, and language, to provide customers with a seamless and cohesive experience.

Also, Bold Commerce supports major payment processors, including Stripe, PayPal, and Net 30.

The pricing for Bold Checkout begins at $49.99 per month, and a transaction fee of 1% applies. However, the good news is that you can try the app for free for up to 60 days.

Bold Checkout Key Features:

  • Billing in multiple currencies. Their billing system supports over 150 currencies, providing customers with the flexibility to make real-time cash conversions.
  • Bold Cashier. It is a convenient cashier service that comes equipped with various payment options, a Shopify API checkout that's friendly to developers, and the ability to upsell after checkout.
  • Capture payment options
  • Cart Recovery
  • Stored payment information
  • Upsell after checkout
  • Address validation

The main benefit of this one-page checkout tool is that it is PCI-compliant and provides advanced security features, such as fraud analysis and chargeback protection.

3. Checkout-X

checkout x

Checkout X is a checkout app that provides a speedy checkout experience, boasting to be twice as fast as other checkout options. Furthermore, it includes 30% fewer fields and 40% fewer clicks, making it easier for customers to complete their purchases quickly.

Also, it allows users to customize the checkout page to match their brand, adding to the overall customer experience. In addition, the solution offers to upsell options, providing an opportunity to increase the average order value.

Furthermore, pricing for Checkout X starts at $39 per month, and users are charged a 1% transaction fee.

Checkout X Key Features:

  • Customization and Branding
  • Custom Checkout Sections
  • Translation and localization
  • Auto-discounts
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Buy now links

Nonetheless, the main benefit of this app is that it provides advanced fraud protection features, ensuring secure transactions for both you and your customers.

4. TeleCheckout


TeleCheckout is a customized Shopify single page checkout. This checkout app is user-friendly and requires no coding or liquid file editing. Moreover, it works effortlessly with your existing plugins and apps, and the standard cart abandonment will still work as expected.

In addition, TeleCheckout supports multiple currencies with a third-party application, providing flexibility for international transactions.

Furthermore, Telecheckout offers two pricing plans:

  • Standard plan - €39 / month
  • Premium plan - €199 / month

5. CartHook


CartHook is a helpful app for Shopify that shows customers more products to buy after they have already made a purchase. This is based on what they just bought. If a customer has been loyal, they will see these offers right after they check out and before they see the thank you page.

This app is great because it helps prevent customers from changing their minds and leaving without buying anything. Also, customers don't have to enter their payment or delivery information again.

CartHook also works with different payment methods like Shop Pay and PayPal, as well as customized checkouts for Shopify Plus. Plus, it includes built-in analytics so you can see how much more money you're making and keep track of how much customers are spending on average.

6. Skip To Checkout

shopify one page checkout

Skip to Checkout is a must-have one page checkout plugin for any Shopify store. It is intended to make the checkout process faster and more convenient by decreasing the number of abandoned carts in your shop.

Using Skip to Checkout, you can rapidly provide your consumers with the goods they require without having to navigate to the Cart page.

Furthermore, you can customize the app such that which "Add to Cart" buttons take your customers directly to the Checkout page and which take them through the Cart page. In reality, this speeds up the purchasing process and increases your earnings.

Strategies for Reducing Cart Abandonment on Shopify's One Page Checkout

Have you ever been shopping online and added items to your cart, only to abandon them before completing the purchase? Maybe. But, perhaps you got asked for too much information, so you get bored and leave without buying. Yes, this is common.

However, this can be a frustrating experience for both customers and businesses. Plus, cart abandonment can result in lost revenue and lower conversion rates for your online business

What’s more, one of the main causes of cart abandonment is a complicated checkout process, with too many steps or confusing forms.

Luckily, we will recommend several best practices that can help optimize the checkout process and reduce cart abandonment rates.

Use exit-intent pop-ups

Pop-ups that appear when a customer is about to leave the checkout page can be really helpful. So, use them to offer a discount or remind them of the items in their cart.

You can utilize Shopify intent popups to give consumers discounts or gift cards just before they leave their shopping cart. For example, you can use Shopify tools like Sales Popup Conversion Pro to assist you. 

We recommend you use the 60 Seconds app. This tool helps you give your customers a feeling that they are important. So, they can set a predefined discount and send you a request. 

Well, would you buy the item if the company gave you a choice to personalize your shopping? Of course, your opinion matter, and you gave the offer!

Use Retargeting ads

Retargeting ads are a great approach to entice customers to return to your shop. These adverts show the items that a user explored while on various websites and social networks.

Retargeted advertising is extremely successful since the customer is already thinking about the product. Seeing these goods on different websites all the time might lead to a fast buy.

Offer guest checkout options

Providing the option for customers to checkout as guests can help to streamline the checkout process and reduce the need for customers to create an account.

Therefore, let your customers finish their transactions without creating an account. This simplifies the checkout process and lowers the likelihood of shopping cart abandonment.

Minimize form fields

Reducing the number of form fields required for customers to complete their purchases can help to speed up the checkout process. Moreover, this will reduce the likelihood of customers abandoning their carts.

Save customer information

If the customer has already bought from your store, you can save their information, so they won't need to type it all over again. This saves up their time and increases satisfaction.

Luckily, you can do this with the help of Shopify. Thus, begin by encouraging your customers to create accounts in your shop. In addition, they can keep their shipping and payment information this way, eliminating the need to enter it each time they buy.

Optimize for mobile

According to Financeonline analysis, US mobile phone users had the highest cart abandonment rate of 80.5%. You don't want to be one of these statistics, do you?

Also, with more and more customers shopping on mobile devices, it's important to ensure that your checkout process is optimized for mobile devices and is easy to use on smaller screens.

Provide clear and transparent pricing

Don't confuse your customers, especially when it is about their money. Therefore, including shipping and tax information upfront can help you reduce confusion and increase transparency.

Offer Free shipping

What's more, you can consider offering free shipping. In fact, high shipping costs can be a major reason for cart abandonment.

Therefore, offering free shipping or setting a minimum purchase amount for free shipping can help encourage customers to complete their purchases.

Display trust signals

Including trust signals such as secure payment options and customer reviews can help build trust with customers and increase their confidence in completing the purchase.

Examples of Successful Strategies For Reducing Cart Abandonment on Shopify's One Page Checkout

Next, let's see how Shopify One Page Checkout actually is performing in the real world. In addition, we will guide you through the BEST examples for reducing cart abandonment.

The Citizenry

shopify one page checkout

This is a Shopify online store that offers a variety of home decor products. However, what really got our attention is their one page checkout process.

Moreover, their online store offers a mobile-friendly experience thanks to Shopify Check out. The checkout page automatically resizes for a small screen, and consumers are greeted with finger-friendly checkout buttons and fonts that encourage them to finish a purchase via their smartphone.

shopify one page checkout

Besides, the store has a one page checkout which doesn't require too much information from customers. What's more, they have a guest checkout. All that leads to customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, The Citizenry offers customers express checkout via ShopPay, Amazon Pay, or PayPal.

Not to mention, the gift vouchers, and "add gift message"- great marketing tactics!

Taylor Stitch

shopify one page checkout

Taylor Stitch is an online men's clothing brand. Their checkout page includes all the standard elements and information found in other eCommerce stores, such as breadcrumbs, express checkout, gift cards, etc.

shopify one page checkout

However, there are a few things that set them apart and make their checkout process stand out. One of these is their "Why Choose Us" section.

This section highlights the store's unique features, such as its guarantee of product replacement and repairs, free domestic shipping, and returns. These features are a significant factor in increasing their conversion rates.

shopify one page checkout

In addition, Taylor Stitch offers a Common Club program that allows customers to earn 5% in-store credit for each transaction they make. This loyalty program helps to keep customers coming back to their store.

The 60 Seconds App Popup

This is a great example of reducing cart abandonment! We already talked about the 60 Seconds app. It offers customers the ability to set discounts for the orders they make. However, this is a great marketing tactic for keeping them interested and loyal. Check this out.

60 seconds app

You and your customers are only a few clicks and a few minutes to achieve a win-win situation!


It is pretty common that a complex checkout process can keep your customers away from buying from your store. Thankfully Shopify fast checkout solutions got your back!

A one-page checkout process can make things easier and better for customers. It can make them more likely to buy items, feel happier, and not leave their shopping cart behind.

In addition, Shopify Plus is one way to make a one-page checkout process, but it's a little pricey.

However, there are other more affordable checkout one page apps available, like the Shopify One Page Checkout By Magebird and Bold Checkout. These options offer customizable checkout pages, automatic emails for forgotten shopping carts, and different Shopify payment gateways.

What's more, don't forget to take advantage of the best strategies for reducing cart abandonment, such as using apps like 60 Seconds. This can help you deliver the best experience for your customers!

Making the checkout process simple can help you make more sales and make yo

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